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CASSA Pup tester al Eisenberg
Jeannine with SIre
Parents of LItter
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Left over from a litter of 11 born in CA from

Dam FF MaxoMagic Sarah  Owners KG
Breeder Co owner Victoria Evans
The breeder did NOT help with this litter at all.
Sire Bamach both owned by KG  at the time breeding

Jeannine De Palma  & Angie Wheat referred buyers to this litter and Mrs De Palma went to CA to help the breed ship them to new homes and to puppy test them to evaluate their temperaments.

We were not able to help place all these puppies
This breeder is NO longer breeding and we thank him for working with us .

And thanks to Jeannine De Palma and Angie Wheat we have 7 pups in proper homes.

The Sire imported into this Country from lines we can no longer use is also in need of a new home

CASSA Pup tester al Eisenberg
Hit by car owner did not fence FF Zena
careless owner shot by huner