If a rare breed club is having a event close by, by all  means use them for practice & socialization.
But we will NOT list them here as they do not follow the UKC Standard .
And in most cases do NOT have judges qualified to judge the breed.  Warning YOU may not have a great time
But it is good of socialization

Handling :Remember UKC does not allow professional handlers.
So attend as many dog handling classes as you can & look up the local 4h clubs for meets that allow dogs to learn proper social skills & obedience training  Also ask your breeder for tips on how to show your dog.

TIP: Remember this no one will remember who LOST , everyone will remember whose dog behaved badly.
Never put winning above the comfort and fun you and the dog should have at a dog show.
Have the urge to get competitive ? _buy a new outfit , spend more time training your dog , take to dog to a professional groomer, do NOT push the dog beyond its comfort zone just to win, listen to your gut instincts.

Have a pet?: Not interested in conformation, UKC has a smorgasbord of Performance events for you to try, Step one Obedience from there. Agility, SDA Protection Work, Tracking, and much much more....
Do your breed a service ,strive for a UKC Total dog even if you do not win you will leave a lasting impression of your breed that will surpass anything else you can do for your dog.

Bait: We use bait with little pups but as the dog matures the dog needs to be cued by your voice _not the treats.
If you have a puppy who has been called PUPPY PUPPY by the breeder all you need to do is TALK to the pup and dog in a happy happy voice to get the pup to move out on cue.
Remember to look at the UKC Schedule day of show to see if the judge allows bait.
Never throw food bait in the ring, if you drop bait go back & pick it up once the judge is done with you .
Toys: Are allot more fun and are allowed in the ring with UKC, get creative watch how others dog it.
Hiding the toy in your pocket and squeaking it just at the right time can do wonders

Grooming: CASD are WORKING dogs they should be showed clean and presentable.
NOT groomed like a Fluffy OEM,  Its against UKC rules to alter the look of the dog to hide faults.
Good shampoo and blow & is all you need .. Pull out by hand any loose clumps of fur. Undercoat :
Standard calls for a well developed  undercoat in which is faulted all that is left is a short top coat. .
DO NOT STRIP the UNDERCOAT before a show even if the dog is shedding.
Tip bring some rollers to catch the shedding just in case the judge gets full of fur. 

Just remember this when we are long gone and our breeding's are our legacy.
The wins obtained at the UKC will be archived forever. Yet the rare breed wins will be forgotten and only live in the memory of the owners themselves.     


More tips bottom
If you have NOT shown before please call me for safety tips BEFORE you show

1)Always face the SAME direction as your dog.

2)Teach pups to stack by feeding them snacks by hand ONLY when they stand for it.

3)DO NOT feed snacks for a SIT command.
Use praise for a Sit

4)All dogs need to have bites examined .
Open Mouth allot and show your family your dogs teeth.

5)Males need to allow others when you HOLD the head of the dog to touch his under belly.

ADULTS always HOLD dogs mouth and Head .
When judge is examining dog!!!!!

6) Crate Train your dog.

Learn to Body block a reactive dog.

                                   How to Show puppy ONLY
    Loose leash in left hand  - Use Bait to motivate ( check UKC allows) .
                                    Hold pup in place or free stack.
Make Puppy puppy sounds like me if food fails or is not allowed

                                                         How to Show JRS   6 Months to 15 months
                     Tighter  Leash in left hand  - Use Bait to motivate ( check UKC allows) .
   Free Stack until stacking is comfortable ~  Hold HEAD  when judge exams.
               FCI judges and some UKC COUNT all Teeth. Most AKC /UKC only see bite
You MUST show bite DO not let judge look at bite ALONE you hands must be there at all times
Free Stack
FCI show all teeth open like shark
                                                  What NOT to do ever!!
Where is the control of the head? the dog is bracing cause she is out of aligement
Stack front, stack rear - smile present to judge. Then as SOON as they walk FWD I want to see you hands controlling the head and muzzleShow Adults
JJFree Stack with bait
JJJudge Says face front or present Heads
Control the head at all times!!!!!
                                                         How to Show JRS   6 Months to 15 months
                CONTROL head at ALL times    - Use voice control and Bait only to WIN
   Free Stack if trained or stack by ahndfortable ~  Hold HEAD & MUZZLE  closed shut
when judge exams. DO not let go to judge moves away
                      You show bite NEVER allow bite to be shown alone
More pics to come