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Central Asian Shepherd Society of America,agree to abide by the constitution & Bylaws
and am in good standing with U.K.C.

Po Box 206
Wilson Ny 14172        

CASSA Membership Form
                                         Online or printable Membership Application for the  Central Asian Shepherd Society of America.
                                              CASSA is a group of individuals interested in the Central Asian Shepherd breed.
                                                       We believe in the total dog, a dog that has form, function and temperament.




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The purpose and objectives of this society are:
1. To protect & advance the interests of the breed by encouraging Total dogs.  CAS that can prove
its guardian heritage, reflect the standard of the breed & possess temperament applicable for their breed.
2. To urge the members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by UKC.
3. To develop a basic protection test program that tests the Central Asian Shepherd instincts.
4.To encourage responsibility & quality in the ethical breeding of purebred Cenral Asian Shepherd
so to utilize and to  enhance the natural qualities of the breed.
5.To encourage UKC litter registration.
6. To promote UKC Sanctioned Events..

Membership dues. Membership year runs January 1 through December 31.
Yearly membership dues are as follows:

Please note if you have a puppy obtained in Middletown NY Petco or Georgia from Early 2008. You must contact us or UKC to make sure you are not part of the UKC DNA Challenge that proved Positive that one litter was crossbred and sold as purebred.
Estrela Mountain dog X Central Asian Shepherd dog.
DNA is no required for all members who wsh to breed dogs from the breeders using these lines.
YES #1NO   #2
New Single $15.00
Charter or Honorary Membership Free
Family/Household 20.00
Associate 5.00
Renew Single $15.00