CASSA  ~Code Of Ethics
The Central Asian Shepherd Society of America request that all breeders subscribe to the following Code of  Ethics to  promote and foster the highest standards in breeding & ownership  and to encourage corporation and improvement and advancement of UKC recognized breeds.

This code is established in accordance with the objectives of CASSA.
It is intended to set forth minimum stands and practices to which CASSA members adhered to as they strive to accomplish the goals and purposes  set forth in the CASSA Constitution.  Violations of the CASSA Code of of Ethics may be subject to disciplinarily action.  All members shall abide by the Code of Ethics, Constitution & by laws  and the breeders Code Of Ethics set forth by UKC.

Records: I am familiar with and follow the "UKC kennel requirements." I will keep accurate records and retain those  records for a minimum of  7 years.  These records will include stud service contracts, pedigrees, all litters produced,  and all dogs/puppies sold.  I will use the "Breeders Record"  that the UKC provides to me to maintain  these records.  I will report to the registration office of the UKC any person who falsifies a registration or knowingly misrepresents a pedigree.

Breeding: I shall plan each breeding with the paramount intention of preserving the breeds form and function.
With the intention of correcting faults the sire /dam may have , resulting in  progeny with less faults than the parents. 
I will select the stud dog and brood bitch with an eye to conformation, temperament and the original  working abilities of this breed , with a careful  study of the breed standard and the principles of genetics.   
I will not breed any male or female until they are both physically and mentally mature.

Stud dogs: Should NOT be bred prior to 18 months of age and should be in good health & free from communicable disease & disqualifying faults. It is the CASSA position that stud owners are responsible for puppies produced by their studs  and it is therefore recommended they verify the bitches owner is responsible owner and breeder.  
NO stud dog should be bred to any bitch whose owner is directly or indirectly in violation of CASSA stance on dog fighting ( non members).
We strongly recommend all stud dogs to be DNA profiled thru the UKC. 

Any bitch accepted for stud service should be at least 18 months of age in good health & free from communicable  disease &  disqualifying faults .Bitches should not be bred over the age of 7 years.**
All breeding's that occur should be done with the intention of the preservation and the betterment of the breed .
Taking into consideration matters of structure , health and temperament as well as the ability of the breeder tobe responsible for the  puppies.
We strongly suggest all puppies to be micro-chipped.  **
Therefore it is recommended that the breeders verify that the purchasers of puppies will be  responsible owners .
Who will provide proper homes and care . Bitches should not be bred more than once a year ( back to back breeding's)  on a continued basis.
No bitch should be bred for commercial reasons.
Before entering into any breeding arrangement, I will scrutinize the pedigree conformation and working potential of both the sire and dam, keeping in mind the ideal of the breed.  I have a obligation to refuse the breeding if in my opinion it is not in the bred interest of the breed. 
As a responsible stud dog owner , I understand that should I refuse  a breeding.  I will fully explain my reasons to the owner of the bitch.
I believe that only those dogs known to free of serious or disqualifying defects should  be used for breeding.  
I will not breed monochroid, cryptorchids, dogs with out of standard temperaments, or dogs with serious defects or  disqualifications addressed in their UKC breed standard , up to and including corrective surgery to correct any defect that would affect  the dogs ability to produce a litter naturally.
As a responsible breeder,  I will refrain from using a dog that although free from serious or disqualifying defect, consistently produce afflicted puppies.
I will encourage /require the buyers or pet quality puppies to spay, neuter .

Health: I will maintain high standard of health & care for my dogs &  guarantee the health of my puppies at the time of sale. 
Sales I will be discriminating in the sale of my puppies and concerned with the type of homes they are to be  placed. 
My dogs/puppies will not be sold to dog wholesales/brokers or retailers, I will transfer all applicable registration  papers at the time of purchases agreement is completed & is agreeable to both parties.
Upon the sale of the dog/puppy , I will provide the buyers with a properly executed UKC registration certificate, diet record, an inoculation & parasite control record, and a health guarantee. I will refrain from releasing any puppy  until it is at least  (7) weeks old, or  (8) weeks old .

Breeding requirements as set forth by the Society:
All dogs are to be advertised,, referenced to , the UKC accepted registration name  " Central Asian Shepherd .
CASSA members are encouraged to support the Society's  efforts regarding health issues past present and  future concerning the breed,
& have their dogs tested with respect to inheritable health disorders known to afflict the breed.

Requirement All dogs/bitches should be screened for the crippling disease known as Hip Dysphasia.
Using CASSA acceptable forms of screening  OFA, Pennhip, OVC, or European forms ( HD A_B_C)
All results must be submitted to the secretary of CASSA.
All dogs showing clinical signs of the disease requiring medication and or surgery, must be removed from breeding.
All dogs not showing clinical  signs of the disease but  rated  Severely Bilaterally dyplastic can not be bred.
When we reach 25 dogs within the Penn Hip database then we can determine a proper mean for breeding.

Recommendations: Dogs/bitches that rate mild or fair,   should be bred up to dogs with Good or Excellent
hips  and or tighter hips with Lower  Penn Hip scores.  Ex: ( Fair to Excellent, Fair to Good, Borderline/mild to Excellent,
Lower PH Scores to higher PH scores) with the goal to reproduce more generations of HD free dogs.

Any dog/bitch that requires any form of surgery of corrective surgery be it  conformational or
inherited genetics  disease , should not to be bred.
To insure the UKC Champion of conformation is of sound mind and body.
CASSA wishes to retain the original working abilities of the breed without the use of modern science to correct what nature would of selected NOT to carry on the bloodline.   Thus supplementing  natural selection with spay and neuter.

Advertising: My advertising of my dogs & puppies shall be  factual and honest both in substance & implication.
I will avoid encouraging the buyers of a puppies breeding potential of the dog/puppy.
I believe breeding purebred dogs involves certain responsibilities and I will not take it lightly.

CASSA Position on Dog fighting is a REQUIREMENT for membership..
All Violations are taken seriously and can result in termination of membership.

Temperament: We encourage the use of Temperament Testing and Working Titles  , acceptable forms are
UKC Obedience & Dog Sport Titles,  CGC,  ATTS and any other performance sport sanctioned by the  United Kennel Club.  
Full time Livestock Guardians are a living testament to working ability and are highly prized with CASSA.
With CASSA  ultimate goal to create a Livestock Guardian Test that allows the natural defense drives to test
the dogs  , heart and courage when faced with a true predator.

Therapy Dogs: All Central Asian Shepherd Dogs advertised as "Therapy dogs" must passed one of the
following forms of certification, Delta Society or Therapy dog international ( TDI).  All dogs advertised as active
working Therapy dogs must meet those yearly re certifications as set forth by these organizations.  

Implementation: The majority of this Code of Ethics is intended as a expression as a goal for breeders, exhibitors and fanciers,
most of which is not to be construed as a rule or regulation to be enforced by punishment.
Breeders are expected to police themselves in a responsible manner. 
With the exceptions highlighted in RED, these are RULES that will be enforced .
I have read CASSA position on dog fighting, Constitution +  this complete Code, by signing this
I agree to adhere to these rules and recommendation's as presented to me.

Sign ____________________________ Date:______________

Breeders who adhere to every section of these recommendation & suggestions,  will be awarded with a Gold star breeder status.
Breeders who mentor breeders into Gold Star status will be upgraded to Platinum Breed Status.
Perspective Breeders who sign our Code of ethics will be awarded a  Silver star .
Owners who are newbies but promote the the ethics found threw out CASSA bylaws and constitution will have Bronze Star Status.

   CASSA  ~Code Of Ethics