CASSA's  Position on Dog Fighting.
The Only US club/ breeders who
have taken a stand on this matter
The Central Asian Shepherd Society of America stands with the United Kennel Club in a firm
opposition cruel illegal destructive practice of dog fighting.
We believe the breeding & use of dogs for fighting is detrimental to the breed characteristic
&  will endanger the breeds physical attributes, temperament , reputation both locally & internationally.

In particular Livestock guardian breeds are valued as their protective instincts for their charges and a
graduated response to perceived threats.
In our continued efforts to protect the essential qualities of the Central Asian Shepherd dogs,  CASSA takes a
STRONG stand against any breeders who produce dogs for fighting and our committee will reject any dogs that
comes from the kennels known to produce fighting dogs.

Breeders producing dogs for this purpose are likely to cross breeds to produce extreme physical characteristics &
aggressiveness ,  thus any dogs from these lines should not be allowed to enter the CASD gene pool as they
threaten the integrity of the breed.   Even if other breeds are not used ,breeding dogs will be selected for
characteristic's that are inconsistent with the essential qualities of a livestock guardian dog, namely its
effectiveness & safety as protector with balanced temperament and physical conformation

Club members who wish to import breeding stock from other countries , Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine,
must be careful they are not buying dogs from breeders involved in this inhumane activity.

Adapted with permission from the anti-fighting statement from the KDCA
Words appearing in red above are changed from the original statement.
CASSA adds to this perfect KDCA statement above the following:
Anyone  who is found promoting: dog testing , fighting, via web sites designed  around the blood sport
will be removed as a member .  We will punish the deed not the breed.
Since the formation of CASSA IN 1998 we have had a established track record in the battle against livestock
guardian dogs being used for any form of dog fighting/testing.      We do not have gray areas concerning this topic .
We will not make allowances for dogs, breeders, or owners no matter the status there of , who do not
comply with UKC,CASSA stance, viewpoints, concerning this issue. 
There is no future in the USA,  for show/fighting lines of  Central Asian Shepherd dogs .

Update 3 dogs from this line are PUT to sleep due to severe dog to dog aggression issues.
2006 Petition number 10 posted 6-15-04 remains up as a sad reminder of the damage done .
06 Owner Angie Wheat voluntarily removes Royal Gift of Asia Basmach from our Stud Books due to the 
verification of evidence presented regarding his personal history. He is now at Rainbow bridge.
06 Any dogs from the 10-31-05 Litter from Sarah X Royal Gift of Asia Basmach must be Temperament Tested before before breeding.                            
05 Former Officer Victoria Evans  is removed from CASSA for importing these lines.
05 Owner sells import Basmach , sold due to the lack of ability to work with livestock effectively.
05 The subject of the 04 petitions depicted fighting another dog is brought to the USA _ after the information
of these fighting kennels came to light ..
04 - 10 petitions & web sites  are put up against CASSA for importing these lines based on 1 members decision. 
9 of  which were removed by request and a great deal time and effort by Jeannine De Palma
2004  One JR , + three puppies are imported from a kennel into the USA by former officer of CASSA.

We fully understand that it is a rare find for a Imported CASD_ not to have any tested/fought  dogs within 3 generations.
Due in part to the declining livestock industry in native lands.
Sadly the old world guardians may one day disappear into the night with the last nomads.
If we do not take this stance- to preserve vs change this ancient breeds of dog.
However today 2006 living in the USA, it  simply  is NOT acceptable to support kennels that practice any
form of dog fighting /testing by importing dogs from these lines.

The lame excuse" it is a different country so who cares" is falling on deaf ears.
Fact is US Bred Livestock guardian dogs are functioning for many generations as guards without any form of
this so called " dog testing"  in other words a mini dog fight.

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