CASSA Approved Breeders{
We practice what we preach
                          We have Breeders in

New York:                             FoxFire Farms
USA breed Founder

North Carolina

San jose California

        If you do not see a breeder here is it because they are NOT members of our club .
                                 Which means  they  do NOT follow our Code of ethics .
Which is guarantee that the breeder you choose is agreeing to breed healthy sound good tempered working dogs.

                                   CASSA agree's to stand behind all our Approved Breeders.
Our Rescue team +  our complete member list are what we call LIKE MINDED people who only want the best for the dogs.

Thus when a problem arises from a litter listed here you don't just have one breeder to talk to. You have a team of CASD lovers to help you.

Please note effective 2006 we can no longer rescue dogs from other breeders of other groups and or clubs .  Our rescue plate is full with rescues and rehomes from NON CASSA Breeders.   Please remember even thou you feel sorry for that puppy and buy from a backyard breeder or a commercial breeder or a puppmill you are helping them
When you need to return the dog we get the calls that say "I don't want my dog going back there can you help me".
Everytime you put cash into these breeders hands you are supporting them ,
And giving them reasons to breed again.  Draw a line and go else where maybe go to a shelter and adopt any dog that the shelter staff  can assist you with.
Please do not buy from breeders that lack a history of proven success and or Novice  breeders who are backed with the founding  USA CASD Club_ CASSA.

Support breeders who practice what they preach..


                 What to look out for in Central Asian Shepherd Breeders:
Ask for Proof of OFA or Penn Hip.
Ask for Proof of Therapy dog & CGC Titles.
Visit the breeder and see if the dogs can ALL work in a pack.
Ask for Proof of Protection titles or Tests. ATTS
Ask for reference's from every litter bred including the 1st Litter.

What one dog has accomplished in a huge kennel is NOT reflective of the line or the breeder.
Each dog is different and each dog needs to be Proven Worthy to Breed.
Some dogs simply are flukes.

Does the breeder support rescue, or Microchip puppies?
Does the breeder have LEFT overs from every litter?
Does the breeder have enough ROOM to take your dog back?
Would you feel comfortable in the event of a divorce of leaving your beloved pet there?

Any good breeder of any breed will have a 1 year waiting list.

Last does the breed advocate the TESTING AKA dog figthing of dogs ?

Links of interest. Note not every backyard breeder will have  every point lists on these links.
But it is a complied list of excuses from many years of bad breeding.

What is a backyard breeder:

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Thats how big these guys are compared to other breeds
Pls read buying online
Here you will find Anna Frumina Rusdog breeder
CASSA helped ban this breeder from AKC UKC.
Others supported her, & got a free puppy in exchange for PR work after the dead dogs were found.